If you are just joining us, Now you can catch up.

A little over two years ago I set out on what I thought would be a small project to idly pass a few moments of downtime, but then became one of the most complicated and exciting endeavors I have ever set out on. In just under one month what has started as a one-page short story grew to 30 chapters comprising more than 300 pages worth of text. It was thrilling, exhilarating even, I had never meant to write a book, sure I had invented characters and created settings for them, but the idea of actually putting everything together into a cohesive manuscript was infinitely more daunting than I ever believed myself to be capable of. But there it was, imperfect and rough around the edges but a Novel nonetheless, and I had to decide what to do with it. I could, of course, forget about it, I had never meant for it to exist after all. But something about that seemed wrong, I had given birth to a whole new world, just because I was its creator did that give me the right to end its life before it was even fully formed? No, I believed that it deserved to be given it’s the best chance, I had made it this far and it was time to see it through.With the encouragement of a loving wife, I recruited a few close friends to read the work I had created, and I learned, and as  I learned the story improved. Then I took a break for a while to try and figure out what the future of my book might be, and make a game plan. I dove into the industry, learning about publishing options, agents, editors, and even marketing strategies. Feeling like I have got my feet underneath me, I have decided to charge ahead full steam and would like to invite you to be a part of it of the journey.

The Shade and it’s crew come face to face with their own humanity in a struggle as old as good and evil, reality will unwind before their eyes as everything they once believed about themselves and the galaxy is turned on its head and discover that the universe is far larger than they had ever imagined.

In addition to Seph – Divine Reflections, I am currently working on it’s squeal, two other novels and a series. Learn more about my current projects on my website at esandborn.com

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