Book Launch

The official launch party for Seph: The Reflection of Divinity will be happening on Tuesday June 8th at 3:00pm PDT. Please Join us on Facebook, TikTok, or Youtube live to attend the event virtually. We will be discussing the book as well as doing some games we hope you will find enjoyable, including some giveaways … Continue reading Book Launch

Cover Reveal

Now that we have had the official cover reveal event. I can share it here with everyone! A big thank you to artist Michael Brewster, who did the cover design! IN addition to the cover reveal, you can now find Seph – The Reflection of Divinity on Amazon at and Barns and Nobles: Though at … Continue reading Cover Reveal


Seph – The Reflection of Divinity has officially been approved for global distribution in both its paperback, and e-book formats. So keep an eye out for it to appear on your preferred book providers website, as it might show up for pre-order any day now. We don’t actually have very much control over this, since … Continue reading Published!

May the 4th

Star Wars day is officially upon us. With Disney premiering the first episode of their clone wars spin off The Bad Batch, and fans everywhere sitting down and attempting to binge the entirety of the 9 “episodes” that make up the core of the franchise, and adding in Rogue One and Solo. And a few … Continue reading May the 4th


Hello everyone. First off, I want to thank you all for your support and for continuing to follow along on this journey. Two years ago I never would have imagined That a flash of inspiration from a pinterest writing prompt would lead me here. But one wild ride later, and here we are. My first … Continue reading Formatting


The third Draft of Seph – Divine Reflections is well under way. Notes from the beta readers have been compiled, sorted, and reviewed, and the manuscript is currently undergoing its final polish before being sent to a copy editor for further review.  A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of this … Continue reading Updates

Seph – cover draft

Work has begun on the official cover art for Seph – Divine Reflections. And I have to say I like the direction this is going in. Featured prominently is the character of Zaeith who not a lot can be said about without revealing too much of the story, but we can say his place on … Continue reading Seph – cover draft

The Planet Dramia

Dramia is the first of the planets within the Alliance territory that you will encounter while reading Seph – Divine Reflections. Dramia offers us a glimpse into what life might be like for the vast majority of the galaxy’s population. Who, for the most part, never get any further from home than the ion lift … Continue reading The Planet Dramia

Night Falls

This is something I wrote as I was climbing into bed the other night. I am not sure what prompted it at the time, only that the emotion expressed captured a sliver of what it means to me to be human. It’s a story that explores the space which exists in our lives where time … Continue reading Night Falls

Introduction to the Fingal

Born of the sea. The ancestral race of the Fingal sprang from the ocean of the planet Vinge. Though they are equally capable of breathing both underwater, and in air, many fingalins will spend their entire lives underwater. As a race the Fingal tend to be very thin and tall, some standing as high as … Continue reading Introduction to the Fingal

Web Page Announcement

This is the official announcement of the E. Sandborn web page, and face book page. I will be continuing to branch out on social media platforms as we work towards building a email list and newsletter.