Cover Reveal

Now that we have had the official cover reveal event. I can share it here with everyone!

A big thank you to artist Michael Brewster, who did the cover design!

IN addition to the cover reveal, you can now find Seph – The Reflection of Divinity on Amazon at and Barns and Nobles:

Though at the time of this post, it has not yet been made available by Amazon for pre-order. This is something they have to do on their end, so unfortunately we will just have to keep an eye out and hope it switches over soon. Though somehow it is already on pre-order on Amazon UK France, Spain, and Germany. So I suppose if you happen to be in any of those countries it’s available.

If you missed the live event check it out here:

On Facebook

And on YouTube

Pre-order links:



Barnes and Noble:

A list of other places it might or might not show up. (So far it has been a little unreliable)

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