Night Falls

This is something I wrote as I was climbing into bed the other night. I am not sure what prompted it at the time, only that the emotion expressed captured a sliver of what it means to me to be human.

It’s a story that explores the space which exists in our lives where time does not. The strange twilight after sunset where everything in the whole world seems to be resting on your shoulders. Where the mistakes of the past, and the promise of a future are both highlighted in stark contrast to each other, illuminated only by our own imaginations, and the life we breathe into them.

Sometimes it is a story of fear, anxiety which keeps us from falling asleep. Sometimes it is a story of inspiration, when we manage to solve all the world’s problems, only to wake up with no memory of the solutions we dreamed up only hours before.

Sometimes it is a story of sadness, sorrow, and pain, as we struggle to come to terms with the reality that surrounds us, and the demons we create. And still, on occasion, it is the story of excitement and anticipation, as we eagerly await the first rays of dawn, and the promises that come with sunrise.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

Night falls.

Do you even hear what I am saying?

Am I just thinking 

out loud

to myself?

Headlights flash 

through the widow.

The sound of tires on wet pavement.

The car moves on.

My thoughts go with it.

Lost in a memory


left unspoken.




Defined by the emptiness

Within my own  mind.

What is the point of speaking 

if I can’t remember the words

I have already spoken.

Is it living

or dying

or madness?

Caught in the chaos

which exists between crazy.

And insanity.

The ride keeps spinning

long after we are through.

There’s no way off

except to wait until it has finished.

When it is over

It only takes a minute.

Before we are back in line.

begging to ride again. . .

It’s dark out now.

The headlights fade into the distance.

An illusion.

Lost in the sounds of the world.


just outside the bedroom window.

Can you hear the thoughts my words aren’t saying?

Can you feel the things my mind can’t reach?

Caught on the tip of my tongue.


Before they ever had a chance to be remembered.

Lost between tomorrow and yesterday.

Like the passing of a dream 

in the veil of last night.

Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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