The Planet Dramia

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

Dramia is the first of the planets within the Alliance territory that you will encounter while reading Seph – Divine Reflections. Dramia offers us a glimpse into what life might be like for the vast majority of the galaxy’s population. Who, for the most part, never get any further from home than the ion lift of their nearest orbital station.

Taking nearly two decades to terraform, Dramia is considered to be the most unique of the Designer worlds. A category of planets found mostly in the ring, which have been shaped by artists known as planet designers. The intention of Dramia was to create a world which would appear natural, and showcase a variety of flora and fauna from around the galaxy.

The greatest challenge in terraforming the planet was creating its oceans. There was originally no surface water, so subterranean water had to be drawn out from underground, rerouted to form surface level rivers and lakes. Then water was harvested from nearby planets and asteroids. Completed, Dramas oceans now make up approximately thirty percent of it’s surface area, and are deep enough to sustain a variety of marine life.

Once sufficient water was established, Plants were imported from around the galaxy, carefully establishing ecosystems and biomes that would allow them to thrive in harmony with each other, while preventing over growth and invasive populations. As a result Dramia boasts the most diverse and unique population of any known planet. And one can experience what it might be like on any of the natural planets around the galaxy.

Each of the cities on Dramia was designed from the ground up, Every building assigned a specific location to manufacture cityscapes that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Any remodeling done to the structures must adhere to strict guidelines to preserve this original vision. The result is a harmonious blend between civilization and nature melded together to support each other in a way that is symbiotic and sustainable. 

Lalazaria concept art.

Our characters’ visit to Dramia takes place in the capital city of Lalazarja, which towers over the surrounding landscape much in the shape of a volcano. At the center of the city is a main square known as the cradle, which serves as a landing platform for the ion lift. A space elevator which ferries passengers from the orbital station and the planets.

Though there are other lifts around the planet, Lalazarja’s is by far the most popular, and famous, most of the others being privately owned by industry leaders and corporations. The orbital serves as a tourist hub for interstellar travelers, offering resort amenities such as restaurants and spas, allowing travelers to experience an idealised version of the planet without actually having to visit. And providing the opportunity for businesses to sell their goods and services through the station’s market area.

Dramia orbital station, concept art

Booking a room on the orbital often includes the use of a room planet side as well, which the station staff keep reserved through other hospitality chains. However they often hold only a third of the number of rooms occupied on the station so if one wishes to take advantage of this service it is best that they communicate their intention ahead of time.

Dramia’s political affiliations lie mostly with the federation. Federal notes are the primary currency exchanged, and the Unions control most of the government structure. The cities are run by corporations, and driven by capitalism. Everywhere one goes on Dramia, they can be expected to be bombarded by sales pitches and advertising campaigns. As well as free samples and product demos.

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