Seph – cover draft

Work has begun on the official cover art for Seph – Divine Reflections. And I have to say I like the direction this is going in. Featured prominently is the character of Zaeith who not a lot can be said about without revealing too much of the story, but we can say his place on the books cover is well earned. Zaeith himself is a great analogy for the mystery and intrigue the story of Seph is meant to invoke. With his bright red eyes and obsidian colored skin hidden behind his neural link he is as intimidating as he is anonymous.

Above his head floats the legendary Shade, a unique starship with as many secrets as it’s captain. While below him is his own reflection reflected back in white, representing the internal struggle, and the dual nature of morality. 

Keep in mind this is only a proposal draft. Whatever we eventually decide on will be cleaned up and fleshed out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you were one of my readers, how do you feel this concept presents the story. If you haven’t read the book. Would you consider taking a closer look?

Image by Michael Brewster.

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